Russian Volume Lashes

Lashes By Laura. Super light weight, soft, Russian volume lashes, D Curl .10 & .007.
Our lashes are made of the highest mink synthetic lash materials. The lashes are heat bonded, short stem, perfectly spaced, symmetrical and hand made. The soft lashes give the super fluffy look, without damaging the clients natural lashes. The trays include 12 rows – These are perfect for individual 1-1 application sets. Lashes By Laura has created these super easy fans, to not only speed up time on sets but to create the perfect finished look. You will be able to create the perfect set of lashes with our brand, creating volume, thick and full gorgeous lashes. Pre made fans are taking the industry by storm and I am so pleased to be able to offer you our amazing products. Lashes By Laura trays are all hand made in 3D – 4D – 5D – 7D. We dedicate ourselves on the highest quality products we offer you.

Blossom/Easy Fan Lashes

Lashes By Laura has now introduced “Blossom/Easy fan” lashes, D curl .005 mixed trays.
Are you struggling to hand make the perfect fans? Well look no further we got you covered. Here we have the easiest method – it really is this simple – lift the fan from the base, gently pull your lashes off the strip and you have the perfect fan!! It really is that easy. Our blossom fans are made of the highest mink synthetic lash materials. D curl for the most glamorous look. The soft, lightweight lashes will give you a textured look, also you will be able to create tailored looks to your clients needs. You will be able to create the most gorgeous sets with fuller fans. Blossom lashes will save you time trying to create the perfect fan, we do the job for you, all that’s left is for you to apply the fan yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fans?

Pre made fans is simply a combination of several lashes joined together at the base to create a fan. These vary from lengths, thickness and curl. They are applied the same way as individual one-on-one lash extensions.

You don’t need any additional volume lash training. Our pre made fans are suitable for anyone trained in classic eyelash extensions, as you are using the same technique 1:1, but with volume the ratio is higher.

Why Pre-Made?

Our pre made fans are heat bonded not glue bonded. This ensures no glue has touched the lash before you place it yourself. Our fans are a light material that will create the perfect natural finish, so will give you the perfect results you desire.

Pre made fans are will reduce your overall time on completing sets of lashes. Getting the perfect fan can be time consuming, difficult and de motivating. It takes time to master this precision.

Lashes By Laura will give you this extra helping hand to perfect your work in less time with our pre made fans.

3D, 4D, 5D or 10D

3D, 4D, 5D (etc.) define the number of lashes in each fan. So, if a lash look you like is “3D” it has a 1:3 ratio (3 lashes per fan). 3D lashes give a natural, voluminous look, while higher volumes give a thicker, more dramatic look.


Founder & CEO

LashesByLaura  was established in 2015 and branded ventured onto brand my own products in 2019. After many years in the beauty industry I wanted to expand and bring everyone the best products and services, not only for my clients but for all yours as well and there was no better way of achieving this than sharing everything with you. 

I hope everyone will continue to love the brand as much as me.

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